Craft-Beer-Rising-2015-Crafty-headerEach year at the end of February an event takes place to spread the word of craft beer. It is Craft Beer Rising.
Originally started as part of UK movement, this was quickly picked up last year by respected Australian beer writer the Crafty Pint.

In essence, it’s about sharing the craft beer love as the manifesto from the Craft Beer Rising website explains:

• Head to your nearest brewery and share a beer with the brewer.
• Go to your nearest participating venue pouring all Aussie beer for the day and join in the fun.
• Take a trip down Memory Lane with the first Australian craft beer you ever enjoyed.
• Gift a bottle or glass of your favourite Aussie craft beer to a mate who claims they don’t like beer.
• If all your local venues sell crap beer, gift the landlord a bottle of your favourite Aussie craft beer and suggest they get with the program.

With this in mind Goodtimes took up the challenge a little early to “gift the landlord” of the local Lawn Bowls Club with some craft beer. Given Goodtimes lawn bowling most Wednesday nights over summer, this seemed to be in everyone’s best interests.


Craft Beer Rising delivery for the Yokine Bowling Club.

There was a little skepticism at first but once the concept had been explained they were all for it. The win for the club was that while the beers had been ‘donated’ they were also been bought back. Pure profit for the local club and enjoyment for the drinker: win-win!

For the warm summer evenings Goodtimes decided Mountain Goat ‘Summer Ale’ would be a good starting point. The bright packaging and approachability caused quite a bit of interest with the bar staff and managers all trying and enjoying the ‘Goat beer’.


The Yokine Bowling Club staff were soon on board with Craft Beer Rising.

The whole experience was fun and informative which is really what craft beer is all about. There was even talk about the Galaxy hop that is used amongst other things!


Everyone’s a winner with Craft Beer Rising #CBR2015

This coming weekend is Craft Beer Rising with events all around Australia. For those who can’t get an event, check the Craft Beer Rising Facebook page or Instagram hashtag.



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