It might have started with a book.

A Christmas present titled “1001 Beers To Try Before You Die”. Although grateful, I wondered when I’d ever look at this coffee table book.

However over the past few years it’s become the most thumbed book I’ve ever owned and, on reflection, I’ve taken its title as a personal challenge.

1001 beers? Really?

My real beer story started in the early 90’s. Naturally curious, I would always reach for the dusty, “only one left” bottle at the back of the liquor store’s fridge when buying a carton, treating it as a bonus beer of random delight.

This curiosity has complimented my twenty plus years of multi-site food and beverage retailing and training, making me passionate about well crafted products, sharing experience and stories.

In short, beer has become a wonderful medium for laughter & learning.

Who wouldn’t drink to that?

Goodtimes Craft Beverages is my way of sharing with a bigger audience, whether through crafted events, my blog of beer ruminations & tasting notes and more.

Drink better. Be good.