DANCING CAMEL - Midnight Stout

The Goodtimes Craft Beverages beer for International Beer Day 2014 is recycled from a previous social media post.

It’s recycled because it represents the absolute BEST of what I believe my forum is about: fellowship.

The backstory is recently a friend of mine traveled to Israel because he his passionate about the Ancient World. While he was there he found the one of the few Brew-Pubs in Tel-Aviv, Israel: Dancing Camel.

From his account, Dancing Camel is run by a hilarious and courteous American man, David Cohen.

The Brewery has a range of Craft Beers including a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Stout and a Wit which is brewed with Etrog, a type of ancient citrus that is referred to in the Bible.

In the spirit of fellowship he brought me back the Dancing Camel ‘Midnight Stout’, wonderful stories of his time at Dancing Camel and a glimpse into the rich history of Israel.

I am not politicising beer but I am thankful I can enjoy it.

Moreover, in many thoughts of revelry for International Beer Day I hope that there are some thoughts of peace and fellowship.


Drink better. Be good.