Bootleg Brewery has recently released two new beers that are adding to a renaissance at the Margaret River brewery.

The first new beer is part of the ‘One Off’ series and was brewed for the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS), part of Good Beer Week. The inspiration for ‘Moo Chai’, a Chai Milk Stout, was born out of Head-brewer Ryan Nillson-Linne’s attempt to give up coffee. He admits that the caffeine cleanse¬† didn’t work but there is now a very interesting beer as a result!

After finding inconsistency when ordering Chai at cafes, Ryan plunged into researching the beverage. Masala Chai as it’s known in India, is a blend of Black Tea and a range of spices that usually includes cardamom, cinnamon sticks, cloves,¬† ginger, and black peppercorns.

Ryan added his own Chai spice blend to what he describes as ‘a beautiful Milk Stout’ that took its inspiration from the Thirsty Crow ‘Vanilla Milk Stout’. The spices create a drier finish to what could be a sweeter style of beer.

Inspired by an offhand online comment about Beeramisu I decided push the beery boundaries of this spiced ale. The resulting Chai Beeramisu was universally loved by recent guests.

Bootleg Brewing Moo Chai Beeramisu

Making the Moo Chai Beeramisu

The base recipe for Beeramisu can be found here.

Bootleg Brewery - Moo Chai and Chai Beeramisu

Bootleg Brewery – Moo Chai and Chai Beeramisu

Bringing things back to a more sessionable pace is the start of the ‘Hop Swap’ series.

It’s a return, of sorts, to the Settler’s Pale Ale that was brewed a couple of years ago. That beer evolved into the hopped up and very successful ‘Speakeasy’ IPA.

The Bootleg team were looking for an approachable beer to compliment the range but also one that the brewers could have some fun with.

This energy has given birth to the ‘Hop Swap’ series. Each 200 case batch of Hop Swap will be based on the same Pale Ale recipe but will showcase a single variety.

Ryan notes that he wants “to educate the drinker” and the each release will expand the drinker’s experience.

Bootleg - Hop Swap Galaxy

Bootleg Brewing Hop Swap #1 Galaxy

The first batch uses the Australian ‘Galaxy’ hop. Many drinkers will be familiar with Galaxy’s passionfruit and citrus characters from its use in beers like Stone & Wood’s ‘Pacific Ale’ and Feral Brewing ‘Hop Hog’.

The result is a bright, fresh beer that is approachable for the everyday drinker but will also keep the beer nerds happy.

Ryan commented that “after Galaxy I’m not going to use a hop that I’ve used before”

The next batch will use the New Zealand ‘Riwaka’ hop which should deliver grapefruit and citrus characters. After that, Bootleg has purchased the entire Australian allocation of the experimental ‘Equinox’ hop. This will be the first time that this particular hop will be used in WA.

Bootleg Brewery beers are available at most respectable bottleshops and from the brewery.

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