NBC Street Front

New craft beer taps are pouring in Northbridge!

Wednesday this week the Northbridge Brewing Company poured its first beer bringing together seven years of work on a  multipurpose venue in the heart of Northbridge.

The $800,000 build includes the state-of-the-art onsite brewery, multiple levels including a “Skydeck” and recycled wood from the old Perry Lakes Stadium. The outdoor terrace overlooking the Northbridge Piazza is the perfect place for a beer on a sunny day.

The appointment of Ken Arrowsmith, previously an icon of the Swan Brewery, as the Head Brewer adds curiosity and credibility to this new venture.

Northbridge Brewing Company Beer Terrace

Keen to find out more I asked Northbridge Brewing Company Venue Manager, Natasha Stickland about the past, present and future of the NBC.

How did the team come together to create Beerland and the Northbridge Brewing Co?

“With an extensive portfolio of hospitality assets, the team has long recognised Western Australia as the home of the craft beer revolution in Australia and had the vision to create an accessible hospitality venue where exceptionally well made craft beer was the focus.”

“We were very fortunate that the team managed to convince Ken Arrowsmith that it was time to resurface and put his Master Brewer’s hat back on to create his first commercial beer in at least five years. Luckily for us, one of our Directors went to school with Ken!”

Ken Arrowsmith hard at work.

Beerland Pale Ale, Beerland Lager, Beerland Mild and Beerland Wheat beer have been released as the core range. Are there plans to extend this range or add seasonal beers?

“In addition to our current core range, we will also produce limited edition seasonal brews – it would be fair to say that an IPA is high on our list, as is a German Festival beer. The list is endless and we look forward to engaging with our customers to make beers they have always wanted to try.”

“NBC has one of the most advanced breweries for its size in Australia. We utilise a step-wise infusion process and a full reverse osmosis water treatment plant which provides extra flexibility to fine tune the characteristics of our beer, particularly in the hands of our Master Brewer.”

Has there been an important influence on the development of the brewery?

“Yes, the support of Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi, City of Perth Councillors and senior staff there.
While we had the concept to provide a relaxed environment opening out over the green grass of the Northbridge Piazza, it was the support of the City of Perth which has helped to bring our concept to life.”

“Watching the development of the hospitality industry and the passion that people have for well-made beer has certainly been influential.”

The taps are pouring at the Northbridge Brewing Company.

The taps are pouring at the Northbridge Brewing Company.

Seven years is a long time to get the brewery up an running. What was the process to get the site like?

“It has been a long haul, however now we have a fully functional brewery, a sensational, dedicated team of hospitality professionals and a venue capable of hosting up to 500 people, we are only looking forward.”

“Let’s just say we appreciate the support that we have seen since we started and it will be worth the wait!”

What are your hopes for the Brewery especially given it’s a block from the new Perth City Link and in the heart of Northbridge?

“We have always enjoyed the experience of going to small breweries and trying these fantastic, world class craft beers made by passionate brewers. But in WA this is really something that is limited to day trips to the Swan Valley or down to the Margaret River and Dunsborough region.”

“We will be aiming to provide a similar experience right in the heart of the Northbridge.”

“At NBC we have a full bar, including other people’s beer – we recognise that not everyone likes craft beer, but they can still enjoy the NBC experience. Importantly we also believe that our beers stand up to some of the best in the game, so we are not shy to stand them side by side with other great beer labels.”

“We hope that being accessible in terms of our offering and location will draw more people into our take on the craft beer experience, where we hope they will be bold and take advantage of our beer offering.”

The view from the Northridge Brewing Company Skydeck.

Where do you see Australian Craft beer in five years time?

“Western Australians love a good craft beer and we only see this continuing to improve. We have watched tastes change and believe that beer drinkers will continue to trade quantity for quality, particularly in WA where there is a lot of great choice.”

“At NBC, we cater to every beer drinker, whether you are a beer aficionado, a novice hoping to
increase your product knowledge or people who just share a love for the amber liquid and we will be doing our part to drive the craft beer sector further.”

Does the Northbridge Brewing Company  have a bottling or canning plan for the coming years?

“At the moment our focus is providing exceptionally well-made beer which is only available over the bar, straight from the tank.”

What are the game changing beers that have inspired Ken Arrowsmith and Beerland?

“Our Master Brewer, Ken will tell you he has a broad palate for beer and that his favourite beer is the next beer he tastes!”

“In fact Ken believes there are very few bad beers, it’s just a preference of taste.”



Further information can be found at www.northbridgebrewingco.com.au and on Facebook.