Wetting The Baby's Head
This may be the new Dad’s version of a baby shower but it does provide a really good excuse to share some exceptional bottles of Craft Beer.
The background to this *ahem* tradition is based around the celebration of goodwill and gratitude.
My own experiences have been a range of social situations.
There have been boozy evenings with a proud Andy Capp holding court at a local pub. Conversely there has also been a quick, quiet drink while newborn is asleep in another room.
As a parent I think as much of the tired mother as the beaming Dad.
Understanding the challenges of a new family member meant that the celebration of our new daughter was reasonably restrained and nearly three months after her birth.
With a couple of close friends the following beautiful beers were recently respectfully shared.

NAIL - Clout Stout 2011

NAIL – Clout Stout 2011
Russian Imperial Stout
10% ABV

Beautifully packaged this pours black. Not a flicker of light would pass through it’s edges.
Aromas of molasses, liqueur soaked raisins, liquorice and alcohol fill the glass with a background scent of burnt fruit cake.
The taste is deep and rich.
Treacle, figs and burnt caramel all come to mind with a warming boozy finish.
A wonderful, celebratory beer.

ALESMITH – Speedway Stout
Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee
12% ABV

This is a world class beer that pours a deep black colour with a head that settles into a tan ring.
Coffee aromas are prominent as are caramel and toasted malt.
Flavours hinted at in the aroma come forward in particular coffee and chocolate.
It feels velvety and full with the 12% ABV being well hidden.
Very satisfying.

AMAGER BRYGHUS / CIGAR CITY - Xiquic And The Hero Twins

AMAGER BRYGHUS / CIGAR CITY – Xiquic And The Hero Twins
Double Mash Cedar Infused Black Pepper Imperial Stout
9% ABV

I have never had a beer like this before. I sat smelling this longer than I did drinking it.
Massive cedar or Huon pine like aromas are the first indication this is more than an Imperial Stout. This is almost overwhelms an earthiness and a large black pepper scent.
There’s something of a vivid ‘greeness’ to the the aromas; sprightly really. Some floral notes dart about and there is a touch of funky sneakers too.
The taste is full with more cedar, toasted malts and a grainy, sawdust like dryness that moves to a tannin finish.
The alcohol is present and there seems to be an implied smokey character; it’s not there but it seems like it is.
A truly unusual beer.

Drink better. Be good.

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