This spring a hop hungry monster strides out of the dark forests of Margaret River into the city to wreak havoc with the palates of beer drinkers. They call it Ryezilla!

The award winning Bootleg Brewing has collaborated with Belmont based award winning Mane Liquor for the next installment of their ‘One-off’ specialty series. Their creation is a Rye India Pale Ale (IPA) using the newly released Enigma hop.

Ryezilla as launched recently at Mane Liquor and 5ive Bar, Mt Lawley. Needless to say both venues were heaving with ‘hop heads’ keen to try this collaboration.


The beer originated from a conversation between Mane’s Elliot Moore and Josh Daley with Bootleg Brewery’s Head Brewer Ryan Nilsson-Linne. They discussed working together and the release of a new hop variety from Hop Products Australia was the perfect opportunity.

This is one of the first commercial expressions of the new Enigma hop. As such the team created a Single Hop beer to allow it to shine. The Enigma hop brings strong tropical fruit characters to Ryezilla contrasting the spicy malt base.

On their website, Hop Product Australia describe Enigma’s the initial testing’s as having characters like ‘Pinot Gris’, ‘Raspberries’ and ‘light tropical fruit’. This is certainly an enigmatical mix.

As for the malt bill, Bootleg Brewer Ryan says 15% Rye Malt was added to Pale Malt with a small amount of Wheat Malt used for body and head retention.

This recipe produces a lovely off-golden colour and spicy base for the Enigma hops to shine. The estimated 80 IBU’s are present but doesn’t overwhelm the malt base.

As the ‘One-off’ series name suggests this is a limited release beer. Get this monster while you can  from Mane Liquor and Bootleg Brewing.


Ryezilla Bottle


Rye IPA with Enigma hops
6.1% ABV
Liberal use of the new Enigma hop create aroma’s of light fruit salad, Passionfruit and berries.
Tasting shows some initial malt sweetness before spiciness from the Rye counterpoints this, coming through mid-palate and leading to a dry finish. There is lightness to this IPA that’s really enjoyable.
Delicious stuff!






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